'Footloose' Stars Defend Their Remake

'One, it's not a dance movie, and two, I think we really did it justice and made it our own,' Julianne Hough tells MTV News.

For some film fans who have precious, emotional connections to Kevin Bacon and the original "Footloose," the release of the remake this week, starring relative acting newcomers Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald, has been met with some hesitation.

Luckily, the stars of the Craig Brewer-directed retelling are fully aware of pressure to live up to the original, and they're happy to help alleviate any fears fans may have by addressing the misconceptions they've heard along the way.

"I've seen on Twitter a lot that 'Patrick Swayze would be upset' that we're remaking it," Ziah Colon said of a fear that attached the "Dirty Dancing" actor to the role Bacon originated. "I'd like to tell everyone that he wasn't in the original, and if you are upset about that, you probably should not be upset that we are remaking it, because you know nothing about it.

"I think that there is a lot of misinformation, and then there are people that are upset that it's too similar and there are people that are upset that it's not similar enough," Colon continued. "It's a fun movie," she promised. "Go watch it. Have fun!"

"We're not gonna take your childhood dreams and just, like, wring them of any importance," co-star Miles Tiller said. "We understand that it's a very important film for people and that some of them saw it at an age where it really spoke to them. We're just trying to give a new generation of fans this story. So you should be OK with that."

"Yeah, and wear comfy shoes, because after the movie, you're gonna wanna dance!" Colon promised.

Hough, MTV's New Class Triple Threat, addressed a couple of other misconceptions she's heard about the film.

"[People] think that it's going to be a dance movie, which it's really not — the original was a drama with dancing in it — but also that it's a remake that's going to suck, because a lot of remakes kind of, you know, butcher the original one," she said. "Those are the two misconceptions. One, it's not a dance movie, and two, I think we really did it justice and made it our own but kept what needed to be there."

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