Yo Gotti Says Zed Zilla 'Could Be The Next One'

With Rent's Due, 'It's time for me to show 'em what south Memphis about,' Zed Zilla tells Mixtape Daily.

Granted, Yo Gotti has yet to release his first major-label album, but the Memphis, Tennessee, spitter is thinking big. While fans await Gotti's Live From the Kitchen (which he hopes will drop before the year ends), the "5 Star Chick" rapper is ready to further the career of his artist Zed Zilla, who will drop his Rent's Due mixtape later this month.

"We from two different sides: north Memphis, south Memphis," Zed told Mixtape Daily before explaining how he and Gotti met. "I had a show one day, he had his ear to the streets, came to my show. I rocked it, he liked what he saw ... we been click-clackin' ever since."

Zed has actually been riding alongside Gotti since his 2008 mixtape, Cocaine Muzik. More recently, the pair collaborated on Gotti's "Fire That Bitch," a humorous break-up song from Cocaine Muzik 6.

Next up is Zilla's Rent's Due with DJ Bigga Rankin. The tape features appearances from Waka Flocka Flame, 2 Chainz and, of course, Gotti. The title is particularly fitting considering one of Zed's rap aliases is "the Landlord."

"For me, with Rent's Due, ain't no way around rent; you gotta pay rent," he said. "I'm here to collect rent. I been with [Gotti] for a minute, been around the world, did a lot of shows, now it's time for me to show 'em what south Memphis about."

More than just his skills on the mic, Gotti made sure Zed Zilla was everything he claimed to be before signing him to his Cocaine Muzik Group record label. "First and foremost, you have to do your research and find out how close you is to that actual life you're talkin' about," Gotti explained. "You could be the best lyricist or rapper or songwriter, if you ain't mentally prepared to put in the work, it's a waste of time.

"When we done the research, [Zed] had all the ingredients that we were looking for," he continued. "I think he could be the next one."

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