Cody Simpson Wants 'To Be Like' Justin Timberlake

'He's just an all-around entertainer,' Simpson tells MTV News of JT.

Cody Simpson, the young Australian pop singer who is this week's MTV Push Artist, used to be just like any normal kid. He went to school, was on the swim team and enjoyed life in Australia. Fast-forward two years and the young teen heartthrob was discovered on YouTube, hooked up with Flo Rida for his first single, "iYiYi," just released his second EP, Coast to Coast, and is now putting the finishing touches on his debut album. Not too bad for a 14-year-old.

Even though people have already begun to compare the teenager to another young star, Justin Bieber, Simpson says his sound is all his own ... with maybe some of his favorite artists thrown in.

"I'd call it a Justin Timberlake mixed with Jack Johnson sort of vibe.

There's a bunch of songs on there that are sort of like that," this week's MTV PUSH artist told MTV News. "Jack Johnson is an inspiration of mine. He's someone who definitely influences at least two songs from the EP."

The similarities to a young Timberlake are pretty clear, with his wavy blond hair, killer smile and songs that make young girls swoon. And it seems that Simpson is just fine with being compared to one of his idols.

"He has such a sophisticated presence," Simpson said of Timberlake. "I watched his FutureSex/LoveSounds tour, and it's something you really get inspired by. He does so much in the show: He plays piano and guitar and he just is always singing. He sounds amazing live and he dances great. He's just an all-around entertainer. That's something I want to strive to be. It's always good to have someone you want to be like."

But for now Simpson is concentrating on creating a name for himself.

The young star has already worked with Ryan Tedder on a song called "I Found You" off his debut album, which he says will be out "early to middle of next year." If you can't wait until then, Simpson says his current EP has something for everyone.

"It's not just music that you'll like if you know who I am and if you're a fan of mine," he said. "I think there is something on there you'll enjoy no matter if you know that I'm a 14-year-old kid or not. I think it's just really genuinely like great music. I'm very excited we finally got to put it out and I'm very proud. Lots of work went into it."

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