Kelly Rowland Drops Super Sexy 'Lay It On Me' Video

Big Sean and a bevy of studly guys also join Kelly in latest clip.

While Beyoncé is focusing on becoming a mama, her Destiny's Child pal Kelly Rowland is busy making baby-making music.

After spreading some "Motivation," Rowland dropped her equally sexy, Big Sean-assisted video for "Lay It on Me" on Wednesday (October 12).

In the follow-up clip for the Here I Am track, Rowland puts her sexuality on full display, wearing several skin-baring bodysuits. The R&B singer shows some sexual swagger as she grinds, rubs and sizes up a bevy of men.

She previously teased to MTV News that the video would include a Slinky and an elephant, and she didn't lie. As Sean raps his first verse on the track, Kelly plays around with the Slinky, rubbing it against her body. As for the elephant, well, Rowland chills out with one as she sings about her lust for a special man in her life.

While the video features lots of studs, it's Susie the elephant that really left an impression on Rowland. She recently posted about her love for her sole female co-star: "Me and Susie the baby elephant at the Lay It On Me shoot! She was such a good listener and so freakin cute!"

Just like on "Motivation," Rowland isn't afraid to sing about the sexy side of love. When MTV News caught up with her earlier this month, she laughed off any part she may have played in assisting others in the love department.

"I think that there was a side of all women and all people, period; a sensual side, and it just needed to come out this summer," Kelly said about the Here I Am single. "And I think 'Motivation' kinda helped motivate that — a lot," she laughed, adding, "Somebody came up to me just last week and said, 'How many babies do you think were made off of "Motivation"?' I was like, 'Oh my God, I didn't even think about it like that!' "

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