'Dancing With The Stars': Chynna Phillips Can't Hold On

Wilson Phillips singer joined in the bottom by reality star Rob Kardashian.

On Tuesday night's (October 11) "Dancing With the Stars," the final two couples came down to Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke and Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani.

Although she was a high-scorer early in the competition, it was the Wilson Phillips singer's name called to head home.

During Monday's performance show, Phillips blanked and forgot her routine, and the judges — although they were fans of her work in weeks prior — had to score her lower because of it. It was movie theme week, and Phillips and Dovolani did the tango to the "Mission Impossible" song. The judges noted the mistakes Phillips made in her routine, but they were merciful in their comments, saying what she did right was beautiful and that she didn't lose her composure.

"The challenge is for the professionals," head judge Len Goodman said after the botched routine. "They've got to maintain the character of the dance but still show us a little bit of the flavor of the film. I thought you got it just about right. You lost it, you went wrong, you didn't know where you were and you panicked. I'm sure had you nailed it, it was going to be great. Unfortunately, there were a lot of mistakes."

Once her name was called, Phillips didn't appear too shocked, considering her mistakes.

"I'm disappointed, I'm sad, but I have to take responsibility. I messed up," she said. "I have an amazing partner. I love you, Tony. You're amazing. He's been there for me 100 percent the entire way. I'm really grateful to have been on the show. Thank you for everyone who voted for me."

Dovolani said he tried to save his partner once he noticed she was blanking. Still, he reiterated that he was proud of her. "The first thing that crossed my mind was to try to take care of her," he said. "It's a live show; things happen. She finished the routine."

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