Lil Chuckee Could Be 'Another Wayne,' Mack Maine Says

Chuckee 'invested in a studio and learned how to record himself,' Young Money president tells Mixtape Daily.

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Young Money is an army, better yet a navy, and when it comes to their youngest soldier, [artist id="3187163"]Lil Chuckee[/artist], label president Mack Maine has high hopes. Mixtape Daily caught up with the YMCMB squad at Chuckee's birthday bash on October 1 in Atlanta, and El Presidente had some key advice for his 16-year-old spitter.

"Just make sure that he follows Wayne's work ethic," Mack told Mixtape Daily of the tip that he gave young Chuck. "To me Chuckee can be another Wayne, hopefully one day with time."

Obviously, the teenage rhyme slinger has been listening. On his latest mixtape, Twap or Die, Chuckee follows in Weezy's footsteps, commandeering industry instrumentals for his own needs. Songs like YC's "Racks" becomes "Twaps on Twaps" while the Throne's new single "N---as in Paris" becomes "N---az in Hawaii." Throughout Chuck adds his own flavor, making each track his own.

Mack, who helps oversee the careers of not only Wayne, but of Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Lil Twist and Cory Gunz, is impressed with Chuck's growth. "Chuckee called me and told me, 'I got my own studio,' " the President recalled. "So he listens. Instead of him saying 'I'm writing every day' he actually took his show money and invested in a studio and he learned how to record himself."

The dedication has clearly paid off. "Chuckee doin' like five, six songs a day," Mack said.

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