Beyonce Puts 'Love On Top' In New Video Tease

Queen B is reportedly set to release her latest 4 video this week, just a week after she dropped 'Countdown.'

Just days after she released her video for "Countdown," are you feeling like you already need a new Beyoncé video? No problem. Queen B's got your back!

Even though she just released the Adria Petty-directed, retro-fied clip for "Countdown" last Thursday on MTV and her "Party" clip is waiting in the wings, Beyoncé isn't holding back her video for "Love on Top." A teaser for the latest single from 4 dropped over the weekend.

Find out what the "Countdown" director had to say about B's video shoot!

The short clip features Beyoncé in an all-black spandex bodysuit, rocking a bedazzled captain's hat, tights and high-top sneakers. She shimmies in perfect step with her all-male backup singers as she smiles her way through the song. The video has the appearance of a performance rehearsal taking place in a loft space full of windows.

While her baby bump was on full display in her "Countdown" video, she doesn't appear to be rocking one in this video. reported that the video is slated to drop this week, though no further details are available.

In the minute-plus video tease for "Love on Top," we see B on the same set with the same group of dancers — a far cry from the multicolored, manically edited "Countdown" clip that premiered on MTV last Thursday. The mom-to-be referenced everything from "Funny Face" to "Flashdance" in the fast-paced video, which matched the song's urgent beat. Co-director Adria Petty told MTV News that she and Beyoncé handpicked the video's many pop-culture references. "I brought Beyoncé a number of references and we picked some out together," Petty revealed. "Most were German modern-dance references, believe it or not. But it really evolved."

Beyoncé famously performed "Love on Top" at the VMAs back in August. As she danced around the stage in her sequined blazer, it was her baby bump reveal at the end of her performance that made headlines, serving as confirmation that she and Jay-Z are expecting their first baby together.

The video tease is a variation on the VMA performance, which featured Beyoncé performing the track with several backup singers. That night, Beyoncé took the stage and, during the opening notes of the song, told the room, "Tonight I want you to stand up on your feet. I want you to feel the love that's growing inside of me."

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