Jay Sean Says Joe Jonas Tour Was 'Crazy,' 'Hectic'

The pair, along with JoJo, wrapped up their tour in New York City on Thursday.

For a minute there, Jay Sean was living the "fast life." After trekking across the country with the newly solo Joe Jonas and a reinvented JoJo, Sean and his crew wrapped up their tour on Thursday night in New York City.

The singer stopped by the MTV News offices to reflect on the outing just hours before he took the stage. "I mean, you know what the funny thing is, you wouldn't have thought to put us three together," he said of the "triple J's." "JoJo's great 'cause she's like the girl-power thing. And then me and Joe, the best thing about me and Joe being together, not only are the majority of our fans young girls, we have this overlap of fans. That's how we put this tour together. We're like, 'You know, man? It makes sense.' "

While the trio didn't get to have much downtime together, they did manage to squeeze in some fun here and here. "It's been so crazy," he said. "It's been so hectic. [But] we've had fun along the way."

Sean had some kind words for his tourmates just as they were prepping to say goodbye to one another. "Well, JoJo's a fantastic vocalist and she really brings it. I think that's always nice to watch and witness someone just sing really well," he said.

"There's a lot of changes in [Joe's] set and things his fans are getting really excited about," he continued. "The slightest knee jerk from him and they go crazy. He's got a nice, well-put-together show. For me, as a fan of music, I love going when I have a chance to sit there and watch somebody do something. I love it."

So, what's up next for everyone? Well, lots of new music. Sean has a free mixtape, The Mistress, which can be downloaded on his site, and his second U.S. album, Freeze Time,will drop later this fall, while Jonas' album Fast Life hits the streets on Tuesday. JoJo's next record, Jumping Trains, is slated for release early next year.