Beyonce's 'Countdown' Video: A Pop-Culture Cheat Sheet

We analyze the Mod references and more as B does her best 'Funny Face' in new Technicolor clip.

Beatniks, bobby socks and ... Beyoncé? On Thursday night, King B premiered her eagerly anticipated, Adria Petty-directed "Countdown" video, doing a bit of time travel back to the Swinging Sixties.

The colorful clip (if you doubt it, check out the glorious "Countdown" GIF Wall our pals at Buzzworthy cooked up!) is packed with references and looks — spanning the '60s to the '80s, from vintage Vogue covers to a head-to-toe homage to the Hollywood musical "Funny Face."

Check out what we spotted, and let us know what we missed!

The Banana Dance: Josephine Baker was just too hot for these United States, so she took her provocative act to the one place where a black girl in the 1920s could get down without the prude police knocking down your door: Paris. While B isn't topless with a fistful of ripe Chiquita bananas strung around her waist, she does La Baker proud in a series of twirls and booty-popping twists.

"Blow-Up": Influential Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni captured London's Mod scene in this 1966 flick. "Countdown" not only recalls the film's Technicolor glow and quick-cut technique, but B's exaggerated high-fashion poses also feel inspired by the ones depicted in the motion picture.

"Fame": Ragtag bunch of gifteds dance on tables at a New York City performing arts high school in early-80s TV series. Their leader (played by Debbie Allen) kicked off each episode with a pep talk about the high price of fame, but it's the studio and the modern dance duds that come to mind when we watch Petty's 2011 clip.

"Flashdance": Pittsburgh welder/exotic dancer has her heart set on getting into a prestigious ballet company in the 1983 cult classic. King B tugs at the shoulder of her gray sweatshirt, and pop culture welcomes another Jennifer Beals homage into the universe.

"Funny Face": A gamine Audrey Hepburn dons beatnik black in the West Village in this 1957 Fred Astaire musical. From the bunched white socks and loafers to the fancy footwork, Beyoncé kicks off "Countdown" by nailing the silver-screen queen's iconic look — and dusts off the Bebop moves too!

Check out the photos! Pop Culture References In Beyonce's 'Countdown'

The Gap: Americans presumably bought khakis in record numbers in 1998, the same year the retailer launched an ad campaign featuring swing dancers in their pleated pants. The commercial comes rushing back when B's suddenly surrounded by khaki-clad hoofers.

"Glass Pieces": Set to a Phillip Glass composition, Broadway giant Jerome Robbins created the work for the New York City Ballet. Could B's team have been checking out the piece when they picked out those colorful costumes and choreographed the airy footwork?

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody": Flashing fluorescent backdrops with monochromatic DayGlo outfit changes to match. The black-and-white tiled floor, Crayola-box makeup, even an assortment of wide-band hair bows — it's all there in Brian Grant's 1987 clip for Whitney Houston, and now it's in B's extravaganza.

Luna, Donyale: In March 1966, Detroit native became first black model to cover British Vogue, striking the eye-between-the-fingers pose for famed photog David Bailey. Beyonce, looking very Luna, shows off similar handwork.

Mondrian, Piet: Early-20th century Dutch artist's primary color-drenched, colorblock pieces were hallmark of his Neo-Plasticism style. The grid-like backgrounds in Beyoncé's visual look like they could have been painted by Piet.

Quant, Mary: Fashion/cosmetics designer reigned in the swinging '60s. Superstar's hair and makeup job looks exactly like a popular ad for the brand.

The Supremes: Motown girl group; legends. No one does Diana like the "Dreamgirl," who shakes it in a sparkly silver minidress and bouffant wig.

"Valley of the Dolls": Campy 1967 film based on novel by Jacqueline Susann about three 20-somethings with Big Apple dreams who succumb to drugs (dolls) and drama. B's pink nightdress with purple hair bow look reminds us of the movie's promotional poster.

Versace: Look no further than vintage Versace ads for clues about the juicy, rainbow-bright bodysuits that B pairs with a striped, wide-brim chapeau.

"West Side Story": Jets and Sharks knew the only way to settle a turf war was ... a dance-off! Dance master Jerome Robbins worked up a snaps-heavy number for the theatrical release. And B snaps to that.

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