Beyonce's 'Countdown' Video A Unanimous Hit With Fans

Singer doesn't disappoint with her dance moves and costume changes, baby bump and all.

Just as Beyoncé's "Countdown" music video hit the airwaves on Thursday night (October 6), MTV News took to the streets of Los Angeles to see what people thought about it. And judging by the reactions, B has pulled off another memorable performance.

The overall consensus was positive. Many people commented on the simplicity of the clip, and of course, her bumpin' belly.

"I thought maybe having a baby bump would stop her from doing a lot of dance moves, but she was still moving around [and] still looking good," Justin Abello said.

"I thought it was beautiful," Amethyst Franklin said, referring to B's pregnant belly. "I think it's great that she's showing it off. I think she should be super-proud of it and she is, and that's awesome."

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"I think [the video] was super-fun, super-dance-y, lots of energy — I think a lot of people will like it and it's super-simple too," Franklin continued. She pointed out that her favorite part of the video was at the end when Beyoncé sports a striped shirt while posturing in a chair.

"Plain, simple, but not too much simple," Cameron Adams said after watching the video. "I feel like it caters more to the women audience — women that can dance — especially nowadays, like the whole dance scene is kinda big nowadays, so I would say it caters more to that. But then again, it is a Beyoncé [video,] so with her it's art, dancing, colors, things of that sort."

But there was at least one thing that Beyoncé threw in for the fellas, according to Adams. "That men's shirt on, with the butt cheeks out, I like that part — that was my favorite part," he said with a smile.

Adams friend had a similar opinion. "I thought it was simple yet sexy, as always — she knows how to make a good video," Darren Ford said. "She knows what her fans are looking for. Her dance moves are always on point."

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Taylor Hodges couldn't agree more. "It was really cool! She dances really, really well. Gosh, I wish I could dance like her!"

Hodges mentioned that she would love to snag a few of Beyoncé's moves next time she hits a dance floor. She also thought "Countdown" stands strong in Beyoncé's lineage of videos, rating it a nine out of 10.

Her friend Taji McKinley bumped that number up one notch, saying the video was definitely a 10.

"I like the parts when they're snapping and I just like how all the dancers are moving super-fast but it looks slow at the same time. I like that," McKinley said.