Willow Smith, Nicki Minaj Ignite 'Fireball'

Young 'Whip My Hair' singer's new single premieres on Hot 97.

It's been over a year since Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" takeover, and since then, the 10-year-old rising pop darling has released follow-up single "21st Century Girl" and has been steadily working on her Roc Nation debut album. On Wednesday (October 5), Smith dropped a Nicki Minaj-assisted party single, "Fireball," to appease her growing fanbase.

Offering world-premiere duties to New York Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez's afternoon radio show, "Fireball" is a drum-heavy party tune, where the young starlet gets feisty, shows her swagger and proclaims herself the center of attention. "See, I never been the one to toot my own horn/ Beep beep, now watch me put it on/ I set fire everywhere I play/ Make them all go insane, L.A. to U.K.," Smith sings with confidence.

She keeps the energy going by delivering a simple hook when she repeatedly boasts, "I'm the fireball of the party/ I'm the fire" atop a layer of chants. Minaj chimes in about two minutes into the song, sharing bragging rights with Smith, offering her usual rapping eccentrics and even name-dropping the singer's famous parents. "Put you under my wing, I'm the top boss/ Ain't from Louisiana, but I'm hot sauce/ Cop the mountain, just to go and build a house off so I ain't never got to worry what the house cost," the MC spits.

Artwork for the song, which has been posted on the singer's Facebook page, depicts the singer's signature nameplate inside an orange-lit fireball.

On Monday, Smith teased fans about the single's debut via Twitter, writing, "My new single is coming soon, really soon, like maybe tomorrow soon:) #FIREBALL:)"

MTV News recently chatted with "Whip My Hair" producer Ronald "Jukebox" Jackson, who revealed that the pop starlet is close to finishing her full-length debut album. "I did like eight, nine songs on Willow, so right now, we're in the process of just trying to close out the album," he said. "It's just the whole process. You got to think about it: She's a 10-year-old girl. She's gotta have a life; she's gotta be a kid."

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