Justin Bieber My World Tour Is 'The Loudest Thing'

Bieber tour insiders, including road DJ and openers Cobra Starship, dish to MTV News about 'absolutely ridiculous' South America shows.

Justin Bieber has taken his My World Tour to Mexico and South America, and by all accounts, things are going really well. MTV News got the scoop directly from some of the folks that are on the road with the Biebs, including his tour DJ and one of his tourmates.

"Everything's been cool. Everything's been great," DJ Tay James told MTV News. "Absolutely ridiculous. I've been with him since his second show and just to see him do shows with 300 people to us doing [shows with] 50,000, it's crazy. I'm just happy to be in the position that I am. That's like my little brother."

Cobra Starship are Bieber's opening act on the tour, and the group's bassist, Alex Suarez, said he was amazed by the size of the crowds, not to mention the loudness. "You know, it's not too different than how we kind of got our start," he said. "When we started touring, we started touring with Fall Out Boy and doing big tours. I think we've come to the point where Cobra, our fans have stuck with us.

"It's really amazing," he continued. "These are the largest shows that we ever played. As soon as they open the doors, there is a constant tone of scream. It is really amazing. We watched Justin's set — it's the loudest thing."

There's a lot of downtime on the road, and according to DJ Tay, when they aren't onstage entertaining the Beliebers, he and the Biebs often discuss music. "We definitely converse on new music," he shared. "I know [Justin's] a big fan of Drake and Busta Rhymes. He will put me onto music and I will put him onto music; we keep each other up on it."

They also spend a lot of time playing music and posting videos online. "This whole DJing thing came out of nowhere," the DJ said. "We started this when I first got on with him and he just wanted to play around with the turntables. He was scratching here and there, and then he was like, 'Man, teach me a few things.' So every time we do a video, he gets a step better. And I just wanted to show everyone he's trying. He's open to new things. That's something about him that I admire."

DJ Tay also teased Bieber's upcoming Christmas LP, Under the Mistletoe, predicting the teen star will have everyone going bananas on November 1. "You guys got to get ready for this Christmas album. It's amazing. It's probably one of the best Christmas albums that I ever heard," he said.