'Glee'-Cap: Mike Chang Takes Center Stage

Plus: Emma's 'ginger supremacist' parents roll into town, and the Rachel/Mercedes feud reaches boiling point.

"Asian F" was a jam-packed "Glee" episode that introduced Mike Chang's disapproving father (and delightful singing voice) as well as Emma's "ginger supremacist" parents. Plus, the tension between Mercedes and Rachel reached a dramatic breaking point thanks to a tight battle for the lead role in McKinley High's school play.

All that action — and a sweet Kurt and Blaine interlude — led our resident Gleek to write a recap song inspired by Paul Simon's "Graceland" phase:

Mercedes is tired of livin' under Rachel's spotlight

She sings a lot of songs that made Jennifer Hudson real famous

She got a boyfriend, a big ol' giant boyfriend, who tells her to be a diva

She almost pukes when she's rehearsing, which made me think she's with child

She ain't pregnant, she's lazy!

If you thought that, you ain't crazy

You never know with "Glee" and students' babies

She says "peace out" to the school play

"I ain't splittin' the role with Rachel Berry

Was I better than her? Yes, very!

How dare you even compare me?

I'mma join a rival choir! Ya hear me?"

Mike's dad is real angry

His son is shaming the family

An A-minus is failing

"The arts? You wish!

Now you have to bail 'em!"

But all Mike wants to do is dance, dance, dance, dance

He learns to sing to have a chance, chance, chance, chance

Tries out for the school play

Even though that's against Dad's way

"I won't be a doctor, and that's my stance, stance, stance, stance"

He don't need no music to bust a move, move, move, move

Even in silence he finds the groove, groove, groove, groove

His mom gave up her dream, and she says, "Don't you dare repeat it!"

I cried when they danced around the room, room, room, room

"Hey, honey! How's your day? Mine's great; here, have some flowers!

I'm not mad at you for stealing the lead in the school play; in fact, I'm proud!

You say you love things about me, and I love things about you too

But we're still too embarrassed to kiss each other here at this provincial school"

Turns out Ralph Malph is Emma's dad, dad, dad, dad

A ginger supremacist! Too bad, bad, bad, bad

Ron Howard must have passed!

"Happy Days," my ass!

That explains why Emma's OCD is back

Oh, "Glee," you're making me just swoon, swoon, swoon, swoon

The stakes are high, even when they croon, croon, croon, croon

During her campaign it hit me

Who run the world? BRITTANY!

I could have lived without Will's tune, tune, tune, tune, tune

I'll miss you "Glee"

See you in November

And to all my fellow Gleeks

I'll see you on Tumblr

Ta na na na na ...

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