Rihanna Will Talk That Talk On Next Album

Fans unlocked the November 21 album's title on Facebook.

[artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] revealed the title of her November 21 album on Tuesday (October 4) with a little help from her fiercely loyal Navy. Her fans unlocked the new title on Facebook: Talk That Talk.

The sassy name is certainly a tongue-in-cheek jab at any naysayers, critics and haters. The always swagged-out Rihanna has been using Facebook to tease fans with bits and pieces about her album, the follow-up to 2010's Loud. So far, they've unlocked five pieces that have teased lyrics, looks and logos. For those playing at home, seven more remain.

Before she officially released the album title, Rihanna emphatically denied one fan's suggestion on Twitter to call the LP I'm Sexy and I Know It. "HELL NO," she responded on the social-networking site.

In late September, Rihanna dropped the album's lead single, "We Found Love." On the Calvin Harris-produced track, Rihanna proudly sings about the power of love. She shot a video for the single in Northern Ireland last month, even offending the farmer whose land she was using for the shoot. He felt that her "state of undress" during the shoot was "inappropriate."

But Rihanna isn't worried about other people's perceptions of her art. In a recent interview with British Vogue, Rihanna said she is anything but a role model. "See, people ... they want me to be a role model just because of the life I lead. The things I say in my songs, they expect it of me, and [being a role model] became more of my job than I wanted it to be. But no, I just want to make music. That's it."

Plus, she's very proud of her "We Found Love" video — skimpy costumes and all. "#WFLvid I really cant stop thinking about this video we just shot!" she tweeted at the time. "EASILY the BEST video I've done thus far!Definitely my fav 1,very powerful."

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