Lady Gaga's Mugler Fashion Film 'Director's Cut' Debuts

Highly stylized short film features the Mother Monster proclaiming 'Don't f--- with me.'

Last week, Lady Gaga invaded Paris to unveil her latest collaboration with Thierry Mugler designer Nicola Formichetti, a fashion film that featured her sporting three heads (and diamond-encrusted teeth) and spouting lines like "My heart sometimes feels so black ... and other days, my heart feels like rainbows."

Yeah, it was very Mugatu. But now, for those not lucky enough to catch the film's premiere at Mugler's Paris Fashion Week show, Gaga has premiered the "director's cut," which clocks in at just over three minutes (plus credits).

In the film — directed by frequent partners Inez and Vinoodh, who have worked with Gaga on each of her "Yoü and I" fashion films — the Mother Monster tosses around her towering, multi-hued pigtails, dropping lines like "I am Mugler woman, don't f--- with me ... Do not anger Mugler woman, she will eat you." DJ White Shadow's remix of the Born This Way bonus track "Black Jesus/Amen Fashion" plays underneath it all.

The "director's cut" of the film differs slightly from the version that played at the Mugler show last week, which featured shots of Gaga intercut with footage of models walking the runway.

Of course, Gaga and Mugler have collaborated before. Aside from the fact that Formichetti serves as Gaga's fashion director, he's previously debuted some of her music at his shows. In January, fashionistas got their first listen to the Born This Way track "Schieße" at a Mugler show. In March, Gaga not only made her catwalk debut at a Mugler show, but also premiered the BTW track "Government Hooker" too.