'Footloose' Stars 'Cut Loose' At Hollywood Premiere

Julianne Hough says she has 'make-out sessions' with her dogs.

At Monday night's Hollywood premiere of the buzz-worthy "Footloose" remake, MTV News had to ask the stars about the film's catchy and intriguing tagline: "Cut Loose."

Naturally, we also talked about how the new "Footloose" compares to the old, along with how many nods there are to the 1984 Kevin Bacon career-launching classic, which will be rolled out in the next few days leading up to the film's release. But, first and foremost, we wanted to know what the actors do to cut loose during their downtime.

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"I cut loose by playing with my dogs," said Julianne Hough, who plays rebellious preacher's daughter Ariel Moore. "They give me make-out sessions every morning in bed, and I love that; that's the best."

Kenny Wormald, who plays newcomer Ren McCormack, joked, "Aside from when I dance and break things in a warehouse?" — alluding to the film's iconic "angry dance" sequences. "I like to play golf. It kind of zens me out a little bit," he revealed. "There's a lot of cement in L.A., so I get off to a golf course, a beautiful green area, I love it."

Miles Teller, whose learning-to-dance montage set to "Let's Hear it for the Boy" is one of the film's best, admitted: "I'm not afraid to say it: I dance by myself in my room sometimes, and I have a disco ball that's in my bedroom that I plug in."

Of her passion for horseback riding, Andie MacDowell (who plays Ariel's mother Vi) said, "I ride bareback. I've been riding like that since I was 11, 10, so I have some experience."

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