Papoose Set On 'Proving' He's King Of New York

'A lot of my haters reached out who disagree,' Pap tells Mixtape Daily of staking claim to five-borough rap crown.

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Headliner: Papoose

Representing: Brooklyn, New York

Mixtape: King of New York

Real Spit: The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, Jay-Z and ... [artist id="1538336"]Papoose[/artist]? At one time or another Biggie, Nastradamus and Hov have all been considered crown-holders in New York's raps king debates, and now Papoose is declaring that his reign over the five boroughs officially begins with his new mixtape King of New York.

"The reason I chose that title is because I am the king of New York," the Brooklyn MC said with confidence to Mixtape Daily. "It feels good to be the king of New York so I just wanted to celebrate myself being the king of New York, so I figured I'd make it a self-titled mixtape."

On the tape, Papoose tackles Jay-Z and Kayne's "Otis" beat as well as French Montana's "Shot Caller" — with zero subtlety. Each time out, Pap lyrically pounds his chest in an attempt to back his grand proclamation. On "Name Calling," the "Law Library" lyricist works vocals from his incarcerated wife Remy Ma onto the track. If Pap is king, then Remy rightfully sits on the throne beside him.

Over the slow, prodding thump, Rem spits, "Back on the scene, crispy with cream/ I'm not the empress or princess, I'm the queen." Her husband remixes the bars to suit his ends and brags, "Back on the scene, True Religion jeans/ I'm not the prince or the servant, I'm the king."

Since announcing the tape's title, Papoose has met some vocal opposition from rap fans, but it hasn't deterred him in the least. He intends to prove his claim, he told Mixtape Daily. "I'm From NY" is the rapper's take on Meek Mill's "Ima Boss," and on "Conan," Pap takes aim at the competition over a triumphant beat.

"This CD is a celebration of my royalty," he said. "I'm just feeling so good."


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» "King of NY": "It's just basically breaking down some of the reasons of why I'm the king of New York. The reaction was both-sided, but it was a little bit more to the good side. A lot of my supporters, a lot of my fans reached out. And a lot of my haters reached out who disagree that I'm the king and I just let them know that I intend on proving it."

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