Beyonce's 'Countdown' Video: Watch A Sneak Peek!

Retro-tinged 4 clip premieres Thursday.

Let the countdown begin! [artist id="1236911"]Beyoncé[/artist]'s retro-tinged "Countdown" video premieres Thursday, and we already have our hands on a 30-second tease.

The clip features a close-up of Queen B hamming it up for the camera before panning out to reveal a look that pays homage to both Michael Jackson and Audrey Hepburn thanks to her short bangs, cropped pants, black turtleneck and exposed socks. Beyoncé stands in front of a black-and-white striped wall as she moves her arms like a clock.

Right before the [article id="1671121"]Boyz II Men-sampling countdown[/article] begins, Beyoncé kicks up the swagger, curling her lips for the lines, "If you leave me, you out of your mind."

The mod fashion continues with B shimmying around in a black-and-white color-block outfit with vibrant eye makeup. As the tease closes, [article id="1669849"]Beyoncé shows off her pregnant profile[/article] and then appears in three different bodysuits accessorized with a black-and-white hat.

When MTV News caught up with Boyz II Men last week, they gave B props for sampling their "Uhh Ahh" in the single. "I thought it was very clever," Wanya Morris told MTV News. "She's a clever artist. She's one of the best in the business right now. I guess you can say we finally got our duet with Beyoncé."

"Countdown" is the fourth video from Beyoncé's latest album, 4, having already dropped clips for [article id="1664223"]"Run the World (Girls),"[/article] [article id="1666967"]"Best Thing I Never Had"[/article] and [article id="1669721"]"1+1."[/article] B also banked a [article id="1668390"]video for "Party"[/article] in August that has yet to be released.

What are you expecting from Beyoncé's new video? Let us know in the comments!