Joe Jonas Gets 'Love' From Lil Wayne On Remix

Young Money honcho injects some swagger into Jonas' second Fast Life single.

After dropping his second solo single, "Just in Love," last month, [artist id="1349827"]Joe Jonas[/artist] decided to hop back on the Fast Life track, but this time with some love from [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist].

A Weezy-approved remix was released on Monday morning (October 3).

"I'm just in love with you baby," Wayne shouts at the top of the track, which for the most part stays the same, except for a few shout-outs from Weezy.

Soon after Joe's single came out in September, the Jonas Brother followed up the dance track with a sexy video. The "Just in Love" clip features the singer frolicking around Paris with a beautiful French model.

Weezy returns halfway through the track to throw down a verse with his signature swagger. "Hey Joe, I got you/ Ain't no love like the one I got/ I'm a prisoner of love/ Got my heart on lock," he raps. "It's like a star from the sky fell from by side/ And she tell me that it's mine/ And I say that's fine/ She look like a butterfly/ Smell like a flower/ I don't need nothing/ Nothing but her/ And the smile on her face."

As the track closes out, Wayne has this final message for the lady he loves: "I'm just in love with you/ Ever since you came into my life/ My life has changed for the better."

When Joe spoke to Ryan Seacrest on Monday, he told the KIIS-FM host how he felt about the superstar rapper. "Lil Wayne, I've always been a huge fan. He's always been one of those artists who's been killing it for the longest time," Jonas said. "Like many artists, I wanted to work with him somehow. I met him three years ago when Russell Brand hosted the VMAs."

Joe recalled meeting Wayne back then. "I remember walking up to him [and introducing myself] ... and he just goes, he's like 'JOOONAS! What you doing man?' and he gave me the biggest bro hug. This project came along. He wanted to be a part of it and he made this remix and he killed it."

Fast Life, Joe's first-ever solo album, hits the streets on October 11.

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