Sarah Gadon Is New Class' 'Most Likely To Wear A Corset'

Roles in 'Dream House' and the upcoming 'Cosmopolis' set her up for a long career, especially in period pieces.

[movieperson id="302170"]Sarah Gadon[/movieperson] has been acting for more than a decade, but now is really her time to shine.

This year alone, she appeared in David Cronenberg's Freudian flick "A Dangerous Method" and Mary Harron's "The Moth Diaries," and this week, she gets her scare on in [movie id="461243"]"Dream House,"[/movie] alongside Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz.

Up next, Gadon, 24, re-teams with Cronenberg on the Robert Pattinson-starring "Cosmopolis." Her work in period pieces and her ethereal, striking looks certainly make her the perfect candidate to stay trapped in a time when women wore more restrictive clothing. That's why she's MTV Movies New Class' "Most Likely to Wear a Corset ... A Lot."

MTV: We're always looking for the next exciting talent, and it's not like you just started acting, so does it feel like a particularly exciting time where all that hard work is paying off?

Gadon: You go through different arcs in your career. I think when I was younger, I was very into the performing side of the industry. I came to acting through that way, and then having gone to university and studied cinema studies and watching tons of films and understanding film theory and making a conscious choice of working with auteur director marks a new chapter in my development as an artist.

MTV: You mentioned some of the directors, Mary and David, two geniuses, talented individuals; how do you build on that? Because that sets the bar high going forward.

Gadon: I think when you work with really wonderful directors who have a really strong vision, it lets you as an artist set the tone for your own career. So for me, it's not necessarily having that kind of notoriety. I'm interested in great work and working with people that have a singular vision, and I think the work dictates that.

MTV: Can you give me a sense of Elise [in "Cosmopolis"] and how she interacts with Rob's character?

Gadon: I think it's a really interesting film, and I don't want to give away too much, but I think in a really kind of pared-down version of the film, it's about a young millionaire who loses everything in the course of a day. And I play his new wife, so I'm one of the only characters that really kind of comes in and out of the story throughout the film. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, and those are going to be some interesting meals.

MTV: Is there someone to emulate?

Gadon:Yeah, of course there is. I think there are so many great actresses out there. I think Tilda Swinton is terribly interesting. I think she's fascinating. I love her work.

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