Mac Miller Breaks Down 'Frick Park Market' Video

'It was a like a garden of girls and black light,' Mac Miller tells MTV News of his latest clip.

Making sandwiches while rapping isn't as simple as you may think, but in his "Frick Park Market" video, Mac Miller makes it all look so easy.

Filmed on location at his favorite Pittsburgh deli, Miller jumped behind the counter and got to work. Before we see Mac, however, we see his filthy-looking, gloveless hands putting together a turkey and cheese sandwich.

"My hands aren't really that dirty; that's just the lighting," Mac insisted when he broke down the video for MTV News.

It's not only his sandwich-making and lyricism the rapper puts on display. Mac also dresses up as his nerdy alter ego, Cam Rellim (Mac Miller spelled backward). Suited up in a blond Afro wig, blue tux and black-framed spectacles, the rapping version of Mac is impressed with his character portrayal. "I look so f---in' awesome in that '70s porno tuxedo, powder-blue," the self-appraising Miller said jokingly.

Miller also shines the light on his Most Dope crew. Jimmy drinks syrupy slushee mix straight from the Frick Park Market's fountain, and TreeJay falls asleep atop the deli's cash register. Looks like a good time, right?

The party really gets started when Miller finds a secret door that leads to an alternate reality where models (painted in DayGlo paint) dance with furry animals under a black light.

"The concept of that, it was like a garden of girls and black light," Mac explained. "All these girls looked so sweet and trippy," he remarked before revealing his original vision for the video's models. "My idea was to put all the girls in onesie bathing suits and make them look like synchronized swimmers and put caps on 'em, but we just made 'em look trippy."

The video ends with Mac and friends rolling to Blue Slide Park, the neighborhood playground that he named his upcoming debut album after. "We all rolled up in costumes and kinda took over. These little kids were on the slide and we really just kinda bullied them off the slide and sent gigantic furries down the slide," he said while laughing. "The parents were looking at me like, 'Who is this?' "

Mac Miller, duh!