B.o.B Reveals Album Title, Strange Clouds

The follow-up to his breakout The Adventures of Bobby Ray is tentatively due in 'early spring.'

[artist id="3238990"]B.o.B[/artist] teamed up with Lil Wayne on the brand-new "Strange Clouds," and apparently he liked the result so much he's decided to name his album after it.

During an interview with Atlanta radio station V-103, B.o.B confirmed that the follow-up to his massive The Adventures of Bobby Ray album would, in fact, be called Strange Clouds. The singer spoke about the lead-off single, saying it just seemed like the logical choice to launch the next phase of his career.

" 'Strange Clouds' ... is the first single off my sophomore album, [which is] actually titled Strange Clouds," he told V-103. "Wayne actually got on it pretty quick. It was a quick turnaround. We were kind of debating on it, man, but we just felt like this is the song that should go first. I feel really strong about it and I like to take my time with music.

"When you do a song with somebody, it's basically like you're starting a business with that person ... it creates a lot of opportunities," he continued. "I'm glad that he blessed me with a verse, man, and it's the first single off my album, so I'm excited about it."

B.o.B added that Strange Clouds would hit stores in "early spring," adding that, "I want it to be sooner!"

Earlier this year, he told MTV News that fans should expect "some surprises" on the new disc and subsequently called it "a real special project." And though the title track features Weezy, producer Jim Jonsin recently let it be known that folks expecting a sequel to The Adventures of Bobby Ray — and the sundry of features it, uh, featured — might be disappointed, because Strange Clouds is very much a B.o.B project.

"What Bob wanted to do was go into the lab himself and spend his time creating what he wanted his album to have, the direction he wanted," Jonsin told MTV News. "So we're waiting on him to come back with that house that he's built so we can go ahead and put all the fixtures in and try to help with it."