'Twilight' Newcomers The Joy Formidable Surprised By Spot On Soundtrack

'I haven't seen the films,' frontwoman Ritzy Bryan confesses, despite landing lead-off track on 'Breaking Dawn' soundtrack.

There are some bands prepared for the increased attention that a spot on a "Twilight" soundtrack brings. And then there are bands like voluminous rockers the Joy Formidable who, despite snagging the opening slot on the upcoming "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack, remain blissfully unaware of everything to come. Or, really, everything about the "Twilight" series, for that matter.

"I can't say I've ever read one. I haven't seen the films either, but I have heard the soundtracks, and I was familiar with some of the songs, you know, Metric and the Black Keys," frontwoman Ritzy Bryan told MTV News. "So I was more aware of the musical side of 'Twilight' than I was the books or the movies. Actually, I know very little [about the books]. I know they're about vampires, and I know they've connected very much with an audience ... so they're obviously much enjoyed by a lot of people."

And yet, despite all that, their contribution to the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack — a ringing, downright desperate song called "Endtapes" that will be the album's lead-off track — fits seamlessly; mostly because, as Bryan explained, it is very much about the themes that remain central to the "Twilight" series.

"The song was written at the same time as our album, and because of that, it has a lot of the tone and the feel of the album. And those songs, there's a lot of turbulence going on, and it definitely chronicles a year that was very turbulent on one hand, but you know, it's me trying to push for that hope and that sense of optimism," she said. "It's a song that captures that spirit. It's a song about the frustration of not being able to have closure on a difficult situation."

And given that, unlike fellow "Breaking Dawn" artist Christina Perri, she's basically oblivious to the entire "Twilight" phenomenon, Bryan has no idea where "Endtapes" will be used in the upcoming "Breaking Dawn" film ... shoot, she's not even sure she and her bandmates will get invited to the premiere. That doesn't mean they wouldn't go, of course.

"I don't know anything about that! If we get an invite, I wouldn't mind going to the cinema. I haven't been to the cinema for such a long time," she laughed. "We've been perpetually on the road for about a year and a half, and we watch lots and lots of DVDs in our van, but a trip to the cinema would be wonderful. I would have to do some laundry, but that would be fine!"

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