'Twilight' Fan Christina Perri Pens 'A Love Song To Edward And Bella'

Admitted 'Twi-Hard' is 'unbelievably honored' that 'A Thousand Years' made the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' soundtrack.

For any artist, getting a song on a "Twilight" soundtrack is a pretty big deal. But for [artist id="3712474"]Christina Perri[/artist], whose "A Thousand Years" made the cut for the upcoming "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" album, well, "pretty big deal" is an understatement.

Perri is — to put it mildly — rather obsessed with the series, as she told MTV News on Tuesday (September 27).

"Yes, I am 1,000 percent a 'Twilight' fan. I can't even deny that I am actually, in fact, a Twi-Hard and have a 'Twilight' tattoo," she laughed, also revealing that she's Team Edward. "I got a tattoo on my wrist that says 'bitten,' and it's written in the font of all the book titles. So, yes, I am of one the big, geeky fans."

For Perri, who already found success with her hit "Jar of Hearts," landing "Breaking Dawn" was a career-defining moment, not to mention a dream come true. Especially since, until the final track list was revealed Monday, she had no idea if her song made the cut.

"I'll never forget going to the screening of the movie. But, for me, having this opportunity is also such a wild card, because it's Hollywood, and you never really know. ... I wasn't even sure I was going to be on it until yesterday, when I saw it in print," she laughed. "So I tried not to get hyped out, because it's one of my favorite movies, one of my favorite books, one of my favorite soundtracks, and that could potentially freak out the little songwriter in me.

"So I tried to put that aside and take it one step at a time, went to see the movie and cried like a baby, because it's so good, and I felt so lucky to be there," she continued. "And then went home and wrote a love song to Edward and Bella ... and to have it be chosen, I'm unbelievably honored."

She wrote that love song based less on the screening she attended ("It wasn't finished," Perri said. "But I still cried. Seriously, that's how good it is") and more on the emotions she felt reading Stephenie Meyer's series ... in particular, the star-crossed love affair between Edward and Bella.

"When we went to watch the screening, they told us to see where there was temporary music added and just jump into those scenes a little harder," she explained. "But I'm fortunately a fan of the movie and the characters, and I feel like, by reading these books, I can step into that feeling that Edward and Bella have for each other. So [songwriter] David Hodges and I sat down, and it just came out in one afternoon. I feel like it was all meant to happen; I feel like it was all waiting inside me, waiting to come out."

While she doesn't know where "A Thousand Years" will be used in "Breaking Dawn," Perri said it's not all that important to her. She's just counting down the days until the film's premiere, when, finally, she'll get to hear her song on the big screen. And after that, all bets are off.

"For me, personally, this is one of my dreams coming true. And the fact that it's on the soundtrack, I'm seeing it, but I'm not sure I'm quite believing it," she said. "I have a feeling when I'm sitting in the theater with the cast, and the movie comes on and my song happens, that I'm probably at that moment either going to combust with excitement or finally believe it and probably cry a little."

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