Justin Timberlake Cast In Casablanca Records Biopic

'Spinning Gold' follows life of label co-founder Neil Bogart.

He once played Napster co-founder Sean Parker in "The Social Network," and now he's getting ready to play another real-life entrepreneur.

target="_blank">Deadline Hollywood reports that Justin Timberlake will play '70s record producer and Casablanca Records co-founder Neil Bogart in a new biopic.

"Spinning Gold" will take a close look at Bogart's career as a record executive who launched the careers of acts like KISS, Parliament, Donna Summer and the Village People. "This is saga about a young dreamer who started with nothing and came of age in the '60s and '70s, believing anything was possible and every risk was worth taking," said Tim Bogart, Neil's son and the film's writer. He said the film is "literally three decades in the making."

Bogart died of cancer in 1982, at the age of 39. Bogart added, "We needed a young actor who can carry this picture. ... When Justin walked into the room, that was the moment I had been waiting for 29 years. He has the exact same energy as my father, the same glimmer in his eye."

A director has yet to be attached to the project, which is set to shoot in 2012. Album plans are also under way.

Fans hoping Timberlake will head back to the studio to record new music will be sad to see his film roster keeps getting filled with new projects. In November, his sci-fi flick, "In Time," hits theaters.

"To be honest, my plan would have probably been to do another record, probably right about now. I never stop considering myself a musician. To me, it's my bread and butter," Timberlake said in a recent interview with Short List. "And I mean that in a personal way. I don't mean that it finances my 'acting hobbies.' I joke with my friends that I should have a business card saying, 'David Fincher put me in a movie,' because 'Bad Teacher' got a blessing due to 'The Social Network,' and then 'Friends With Benefits' came out of that.

"All the movies I've done were just opportunities that came up, but now that they're all coming out back-to-back, people think, 'Oh, he's trying to make a statement by having an acting career,' " he continued. "But it's not like that for me. I don't ever want to stop doing music."

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