Julianne Hough Is Our New Class' 'Triple Threat'

'Footloose' actress tells MTV News she emulates Reese Witherspoon.

[movieperson id="474714"]Julianne Hough[/movieperson]'s résumé is so chock-full of accomplishments, it doesn't seem possible that one person could pack so much into 23 short years on the planet. In other words, unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen or heard the petite, talented entertainment dynamo on TV, the big screen or radio.

If you're a "Dancing With the Stars" fan, you know Hough from the fancy footwork she demonstrated as a professional dancer for four seasons, two of which she won with partners Helio Castroneves (in season four) and Apolo Ohno (in season five). If you're a country music fan, you might have noticed the Utah native being named the Top New Female Vocalist and Top New Artist at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2009.

Most recently, Hough has been dipping her toes into the world of movie acting. Her first big role was in 2010's "Burlesque" alongside Cher and Christina Aguilera, followed by a starring role in this fall's highly anticipated reboot of "Footloose."

Perhaps it's now easy to see why Hough has been named "Most Likely to be a Triple Threat" in MTV Movies' New Class. She can do it all, and by the look and sound of it, she's just getting started with an eventful career.

MTV News recently caught up with the superstar-in-the-making to see how she's juggling all her different career paths and what it means to be named to our New Class.

"Obviously, it never gets old. Every day, I am shocked and surprised and so excited that anybody would want to put me in any kind of list or category as up-and-comers," she admitted. "That's the dream. I've always wanted to do this and to be recognized for something that you always want, but it's so hard to even think you can achieve. It's pretty crazy; it's surreal. Thank you!"

With regard to whether she prefers being categorized as a dancer, actress or singer, Hough said she just wants to entertain, and is taking her cue from the multitalented stars of Hollywood's Golden Age.

"The actors and entertainers from early on — the '20s and '30s and '40s — they did everything: They were singers, they were actors, they were just entertainers. And people ask me, ... 'What do you like more, if you had to choose?' And I'm like, 'I don't want to choose!' I love all of them, and each fulfills something different inside of me."

When pressed to pick an actress' career she hopes to emulate, Hough revealed she has her eyes on another recognizable blonde's ambitions.

"Reese Witherspoon: As a young actress, she was so dramatic and did these really great roles, and then definitely moved up to be America's sweetheart, so I definitely watch her career and try to make some decisions like she has."

Look out for Hough as sassy free spirit Ariel Moore in "Footloose" and in the star-studded "Rock of Ages" next summer. The triple threat said her sophomore album will be out in the near future or "when it's really ready."

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