Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez's Arena Date: How Much Did It Cost?

A regular guy would have dropped serious coin to rent out the Staples Center for a romantic night out.

Membership has its privileges, and when the club you're in is the elite pop star society, there isn't much you can't get your hands on. That's why a teenager like Justin Bieber was able to swing the swankiest surprise date of all time with his squeeze Selena Gomez on Friday night when he treated her to dinner and a movie at the Staples Center.

Now, before you get any ideas. The 20,000-seat home of the Los Angeles Lakers (and countless major concerts) is not available to just any Joe Schmo. No, Bieber reportedly got the keys to the palace for free because he's sold the joint out three times and owner AEG Live figured they'd throw him a bone. Which got us thinking: What would it cost to treat your sweetie to a Bieber-esque night of steak and "Titanic"?

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As you might imagine, the powers-that-be at Staples weren't really willing to spill the beans, but we crunched some numbers on our own and here's what we were able to figure:

$475,000: That's how much it would cost you to buy a high-end VIP luxury suite for 14 at the Staples Center, which would get you about 2,500 tickets a year to Lakers, Clippers and Sparks basketball games; L.A. Kings hockey games; concerts; lectures; X Games; and wrestling matches. Given that the venue holds 20,000, we can only imagine a one-night rental would run you well into the six figures.

$200-plus: Bieber ordered steaks and pasta from the exclusive members-only Lexus Club at Staples, a 130-capacity high-end dining area where even the buffet will run you $57.

Priceless: The lucky couple reportedly watched "Titanic" on their date. Now, most men would try to save a few bucks and rent the regular DVD, but given JB's clear baller tendencies, is it safe to assume he called James Cameron and finagled an early copy of the 3-D anniversary Blu-ray edition that is due out in April?

$299 to $1,199: The price of renting an inflatable, 32- to 40-foot portable movie screen from FunFlicks.com for a special event. That is, assuming the Biebs did not make Gomez crane her neck and watch the whole movie on the Center's Jumbotron.

194: That's how many minutes "Titanic" would run if JB didn't have a remote that would allow him and Selena to skip some of the hours of extras.

2:30 a.m.: That's about how late into the morning the couple would have had to stay at Staples in order to watch all of "Titanic," assuming they started it as soon as they arrived at 11 p.m. and had it running during their meal.

$300,000: The amount Bieber pulls in nightly at each one of his concerts.

$53 million: That's how much Bieber banked in 2010. In other words, don't sweat it: He can afford this kind of date every night of the year if he wants to.

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