Mac Miller Recruits Bro For Blue Slide Park Art

'I knew I wanted to do something with it that was more than just a picture of me,' Pittsburgh MC tells MTV News.

Oh to be a kid again! For his debut album, Blue Slide Park, [artist id="3864891"]Mac Miller[/artist] is paying homage to his childhood stomping grounds of Pittsburgh. The LP cover is a simple, child-like rendition of the playground, drawn by the rapper's (born Malcolm McCormick) older brother, whose first name is actually Miller.

"I knew I wanted to do something with it that was more than just a picture of me," Mac told MTV News.

"Blue Slide Park is a park in Pittsburgh we grew up at," Miller explained to us about the album title's significance. "Being 2, going down slides and then being 6, playing Little League and hanging out there, then being older, coming back there to drink and smoke and party, running from the cops. And now going back there just to chill out and drink a beer."

When Mac and his Most Dope team were seeking inspiration for the artwork, they consulted Google and came across a young girl's drawing, which they eventually used as a basis for the cover design. "We came across this 8-year-old's drawing and we were like, 'Yo, that is like the most simple but incredible thing ever; it's right to the point,' " he recalled. "Basically, the point is making something simple that can represent the whole idea. You look at it and it doesn't look like a park, but you know that's that Blue Slide Park."

The Blue Slide Cover is more Bob Ross than Rick Ross in its design. Deviating from more standard hip-hop cover art, the BSP front panel features a painting of multicolored triangles, with a big blue line right down the middle.

To execute his vision, rather than go with famed hip-hop photogs like Jonathan Mannion or Danny Clinch, Mac recruited his big brother. "He's always worked on art as long as I can remember," Mac said. "He draws all the time and he's getting into graphic design. If I can have my brother work on something for it, that's great."

Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park is due in stores November 8.

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