Rihanna Goes Rural For 'We Found Love' Video

Pop star photographed filming the clip in a cornfield in Northern Ireland.

[artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] is showing no signs of stopping. No, seriously. Only days after the release of her new single "We Found Love," the pop megastar has already started filming a video for the sparkly dance track.

Donning an extremely long safety-pinned shirt, bandana bikini and jeans, the 23-year-old singer was snapped smoking and looking contemplative in a cornfield in Northern Ireland. According to BBC News, hundreds of spectators took to nearby roads to catch a glimpse of the pop star during the video shoot.

Rihanna took to Bangor in Northern Ireland for the video shoot just days before she's set to perform three concerts in Belfast later this week. The jet-setting pop star's last performance was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, over the weekend.

The Rihanna Navy was tipped off about the pop singer's video shoot Sunday when she took to Twitter. "Im shootin a video in 2 #beatDAT," she wrote, in response to a fan complaining about a lack of sleep.

"We Found Love" is Rih's lead single from her next album, dropping November 21. Produced by dance mastermind Calvin Harris, the tune was released last week via the singer's Facebook page and has rocketed to the #3 spot on the iTunes singles chart. In the "We Found Love" single art, Rihanna sports a retro, TLC-inspired outfit.

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