'Jersey Shore' Long-Distance Love 'Sucked,' Snooki Says

But JWoww's man encouraged her to have fun in Italy: 'It was actually the easiest I ever thought it was going to be,' she tells MTV News.

Long-distance love isn't always easy to keep alive — just ask Snooki.

While filming the fourth season of "Jersey Shore," the pint-size guidette introduced us to her long-term boyfriend, Jionni. Every week, viewers have listened in on their countless phone conversations, and after much anticipation, Jionni came for a drama-filled visit to Italy on Thursday night's episode.

"It sucked from being with him six months every single day to not being with him, being in another freakin' country and, like, not talking to him. It was really hard," Snooki told MTV News of her overseas love. "It was legit like a long-distance relationship."

Yet, someone who didn't have trouble keeping her relationship strong was JWoww, whose boyfriend Roger (whom we frequently saw in Seaside during season three) just wanted her to have a good time in Florence.

"It was actually the easiest I ever thought it was going to be," JWoww said. "My ex made me feel like I never wanted to go film, so I was kind of dreading that, and Roger was like, 'Dude, I want you to have a blast, go have fun, this is your 20s, you need to go do this. I'm not going to keep you from doing this. I want you to.' Because he traveled Europe in his 20s, so getting over there, it was so easy."

The long-distance relationship with Roger may have been easy for JWoww, but the hard part was not being able to see her dogs. "The only thing I really missed, besides him, were my dogs," JWoww said. "Because I can't be like, 'Hey, what's going,' on the phone with my dogs, but it was a lot easier than I expected."

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