Ryan Seacrest 'Not Worried' About 'Idol,' 'X Factor' Fatigue

'I think that all of these shows are great for the music business,' Seacrest tells MTV News.

On Wednesday night, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and the rest of the "X Factor" gang kicked off the show on American TV.

It's the latest (and perhaps one of the most high-profile) addition to a television market already full of singing competition series.

While both shows air on Fox, "Factor" doesn't directly compete with Cowell and Abdul's old "American Idol" stomping grounds, but it does raise a question: Will TV viewers have singing fatigue by the time "Idol" kicks off next year?

When MTV News caught up with host Ryan Seacrest at "Idol" auditions in New Jersey on Thursday (September 22), he said he wasn't concerned about that at all.

"I'm not worried about audiences being burnt out," Seacrest told us as he made his way to meet with contestants. "I think that all of these shows are great for the music business and they're great for people who want to make it in the music business. The more opportunity, the more shots, the more chances dreams come true, right?"

Just as "X factor" wraps things up in December, "Idol" will be gearing up for a January kickoff. But Ryan insisted to reporters that things are "friendly" between the two shows, even revealing that he has spoken to "Factor" host Steve Jones. "I didn't give him tips; he's done this for a long time. I had a chance to meet him not too long ago and he was very, very kind and very nice and I wish him the best of luck," he said. "I think he'll enjoy his time with Simon. I had a decade with him. I think it's time for him to endure Simon."

In addition to all of the "Factor" chatter, Seacrest gushed about the talent "Idol" has seen for the upcoming season. "Good. So far, so good. I have no idea what they sound like yet [today], but they look like they have potential, don't they?" he said. "We've had a really good run so far with auditions. It's been very, very impressive. The contestants have been very, very good."

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