Snooki, JWoww Say 'Jersey Shore' Fight Is 'A First'

'But we're still best friends,' Snooki tells MTV News of argument on tonight's episode.

Season four of "Jersey Shore" has been jam-packed with a whole lot of drama, from the castmates' weekly hookups to the almost-weekly fights. You'd think by now we've seen everything Italy has to offer, right? Well, think again.

As if the infamous fighting match between the Situation and Ronnie wasn't enough, on Thursday's (September 22) episode, two of the most unexpected housemates are set to faceoff: Snooki and JWoww. When MTV News caught up with the besties, they opened up about what went down.

"When you're best friends and you're drunk ... sometimes you fight, you know, that's what happens," Snooki told us about the fight.

Snooki and JWoww take their argument to the streets of Florence after Snooki's boyfriend, Jionni, abruptly leaves a club claiming Snooki is "embarrassing" him by dancing provocatively. JWoww decides to put Snooki in her place, screaming, "You want a reality check? I just gave you one!"

While viewers will likely be shocked to see the two BFFs squaring off, fans should rest assured there's no lasting fallout from the argument.

"Me and Jenni, we just never really screamed at each other like that," Snooki said. "That was a first, but we're still best friends."

And JWoww agreed, saying that she and Snooki, who are set to shoot their own reality show, wouldn't let a little fight ruin their friendship.

"Me and Nicole love each other. She is my little sister and I'll protect her, but there are those moments that we just want to go at it," JWoww explained. "And the best thing about our moments are they have nothing to do with ourselves. We aren't actually fighting about each other, we are fighting because external things piss us off. So when we look back, we are laughing like, 'Dude, why did we do that?' "

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