B.o.B Responds To Unpaid Bar Tab Accusations

'It's all good,' Bobby Ray tells MTV News. 'We took care of it.'

The adventures of Bobby Ray continue. On Tuesday, a Cornell University newspaper reported that rapper [artist id="3238990"]B.o.B[/artist] and his entourage skipped out on a $1,060 tab at a college town bar in Ithaca, New York, over the weekend.

It was all a big misunderstanding, B.o.B told MTV News. "Obviously, I have no problem paying a bill of more than $1,000, and when I left the bar, I did not know that the bill was not taken care of," said the MC, who was in town for a Cornell homecoming performance. "Sometimes people will give you one complimentary bottle or maybe two complimentary bottles, but in my head I'm always prepared to take care of the bill. I don't walk out on tabs."

According to the Cornell Daily Sun, B.o.B and his 11 guests ordered three $300 bottles of vodka and received a complimentary bottle of champagne at Level B, but when it came time to pay the bill (which also included a $160 gratuity charge), his team skipped out on the tab. "For me, I feel like whoever was responsible could've talked to me instead of using my name in an article. They could've talked to me first about it and I would've gladly paid the bill double for interest for not paying it," B.o.B said.

Bobby Ray has since paid the debt: "It's all good; we took care of it."

And although the rapper has been the subject of gossip blog posts over the incident, he insists that he has moved on and is focused on work for his sophomore album. "I'm working on my next album, it's almost done. I got a new single coming out, 'Strange Clouds' featuring Lil Wayne, so it's moving forward."