Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y Have More Collaborations In The Stash

'You may can expect an album, mixtape, maybe nothing,' Big Sean tells Mixtape Daily.

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When Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y and Big Sean began releasing tracks at the top of the summer, talk of a joint project between the joint-loving trio excited rap fans. What began as an isolated leak with "O.T.T.R." gave way to four other tracks ("Flowers," the syrupy "Weed Brownies," "Dot Dot Dot" and "Proceed") in less than a week. But beyond that, who knows?

Sean hinted at a mixtape in interviews, but nothing ever materialized. "We just had a studio bus on tour, me and Wiz and Curren$y. You know, they already did the How Fly mixtape, so they were working on something themselves," Big Sean Don explained to Mixtape Daily of the trio's collaboration. "They were talking about how they wanted a verse from me. I was like, 'Man, f--- a verse, why don't I just be on the whole thing? Why don't we just all do something?' And then Wiz was like, 'Man, it gotta be for so much money, though. Or if we gonna do it, let's just do it for free and put it out ourselves.' "

The idea didn't fully get off the ground, though Sean does reveal that the three amigos have more tracks in the stash. "We were just really figuring out what to do, but most importantly we just did those five songs and we got more songs, too," he said. "We put a song out every day. It's crazy because a lot of people who are popular aren't really taking full advantage of the Internet or taking advantage of being able to really do stuff like that. For us, it's just having fun with it."

As of now there aren't any plans for the rest of the songs, but Sean leaves just a little hope for a collaborative tape. "You may can expect something. You may can expect an album, mixtape, maybe nothing. Maybe we'll never put another song out," he said before doing the infamous Kanye shrug. "It's tight to have that element of surprise."