Lil Jon Gets Rowdy In Yelawolf's 'Hard White' Video

First clip from Yela's upcoming Radioactive debut features a debauched crowd in a gritty bar.

Bar fights, bikini wrestling and a [artist id="961130"]Lil Jon[/artist] guest spot — what's not to love about Yelawolf's "Hard White" video? On Tuesday (September 20) Catfish Billy debuted the first visual to his debut album, Radioactive, which is set to hit stores on October 25.

The Motion Family-directed clip starts with a pan from an outside parking lot, revealing bikers, truckers and various riffraff who file into the gritty bar where the MC is set to perform. Lil Jon is the hype man, but Yela is clearly the life of the party as he raps and pops champagne bottles in a tie-dyed hoodie. "You ain't gotta lay down on your back to know you're already f---ed up/ Lettin' me in the motherf---in' club is like lettin' me drunk drive in your truck," the Shady signee spits to set things off as partygoers keep their hands in the air.

The crowd is a mixed bunch — black, white, tatted up and gangsta — who seem to enjoy debauchery. Women are passed out drunk in the bathroom, while Wolf slides his buddy across the bar top like a human bowling ball, striking all the staged beer bottles in the process. The Gadsen, Alabama, lyricist isn't the only entertainment in the staged nightclub, however. In the middle of the venue a kiddie pool, filled with some type of lubricant, houses two scantily clad eye candies who wrestle and smack each other on the backside in slow motion as the rowdy crowd cheers them on.

The song's hook ("Up in the club, don't give a f---") is a lyrical reflection of what fans see. Visually, "Hard White" is dark, mixing hip-hop and punk elements seamlessly as Yela proves he is a musical force to be reckoned with even before his boast at the end of the clip. "I ain't in the building, I own the building, bitch," he exclaimed. And who are we to argue?