Nas Wants 'Nasty' To Bring 'Realness' Back To The Game

'That's why 'Nasty' is out there, it's an M-80,' Nas says of first single off upcoming album.

Few would argue that Nas lit a spark with "Nasty," the first single off of his upcoming 10th solo album, but let the Queensbridge MC tell it and the old-school inspired hip-hop track actually packs a bigger boom.

"You know 'Nasty' is what I would like the game to be right now in a lot of ways; back to the realness," Nasir told MTV News before performing with [artist id="3108857"]Damian Marley[/artist] at Austin City Limits last weekend. "That's why 'Nasty' is out there, it's an M-80. I lit an M-80."

The song's video was shot in Nas' native Queensbridge housing projects back in August, but its release has been delayed. Not to worry, says God's Son, it is on its way soon. "Yeah, the 'Nasty' video is coming. I can't wait 'til it hits, it's perfect timing," he said of the clip, which is directed by Decon. "It got pushed back 'cause — I mean, I guess I got busy, but we shot it, so it's coming out for the people."

Though Esco wouldn't give out any details surrounding his upcoming album, he did insist that it was coming out this year. Back in June, in an interview with DJ Envy on MTV2's Sucker Free, the Illmatic One said that the album would be called Life Is Good, but later backtracked.

"A lot of people around me didn't understand where I was coming from. They kinda thought I was saying, 'Let's pop bottles, we're rich, everything's good.' That's not where I was coming from," Nas cleared up in a June interview with MTV News. "So, there's another title that came, that kind of fits a little better, and you might hear about that. There might be a change coming real soon."

Regardless of the name, Nas has a good feeling about "Nasty" and the trend that it will set in hip-hop. "So 'Nasty' is one of the songs to come and bring the sh-- back to the real sh--," he said.