Jennifer Lopez Causes Man Frenzy In 'Papi' Video

Paul Hunter-directed clip finds the singer in the middle of love-struck street riot, where men from all walks of life chase after her.

If Jennifer Lopez wanted to make a post-breakup statement about her alluring charm, she sure succeeded with the "Papi" video, which debuted in its entirety on Monday (September 19).

Directed by Paul Hunter, J.Lo's just-dropped visual shows a chaotic frenzy-turned-chase, wherein the pop star attracts the attention of hoards of men as she strolls down a city street. Lopez begins the five-minute clip by chatting it up with her apartment mail attendant Lisa, confessing that her Army lover has not returned back to her. Lisa offers the singer a cookie that she claims will make "your love come back." Unfortunately, Jenny from the Block takes a chunk out of the cookie instead of a "small bite," marking the beginning of the captivating spell she unwittingly casts on every man she passes by.

The magic takes 24 hours to take effect as Lopez embarks on a walk the following day and realizes her sudden irresistible allure. Lopez's charm isn't restricted to any particular type of "papi" as she draws notice from a corporate businessman, a gardener and even a high-flying motorcyclist. Upon entering her car, her admirers become more and more aggressive and chase her down the street.

Just like many of her clips, "Papi" offers some comical choreography when the entertainer realizes that her league of men move in synch with her, offering her a way to escape. Cue the video's dance break. But Lopez's tactic doesn't last for long as the men grab hold of her until her uniform-clad lover walks off a bus and reunites with the pop star.

"The craziest thing happened," Lopez says in an attempt to explain the fiasco to her lover.

Hunter and Lopez have previously worked together on a number of videos, including "If You Had My Love," "Feelin' So Good" and "Love Don't Cost a Thing." "Papi" was produced by hit-maker RedOne and serves as the third single off J.Lo's comeback album Love? In the clip for her previous single, "I'm Into You," the pop singer hinted about the release of the club-ready track with another mid-video dance break.

Earlier this month, Lopez explained the inspiration behind the song when she called into "On-Air With Ryan Seacrest." "I was working in the studio with RedOne and his guys, and at the time, I was always kind of like, I always use the word 'papi,' " she recalled. "And they were like, 'We're going to write a song called 'Papi,' and we just wrote the song about loving somebody and just celebrating that."

Lopez is expected to make her debut performance of the dance track at the iHeartRadio Festival, which will also feature sets from Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Jay-Z and many others, later this month.

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