Charlie Sheen Gives Ashton Kutcher 'Advice' At The Emmys

'Make us proud!' actor tweets to his 'Two and a Half Men' replacement after backstage meeting.

The Charlie Sheen image-rehabilitation tour continues. Days after the former "Two and a Half Men" star began making the media rounds, confessing on the "Tonight Show" that he should have been fired and on the "Today" show that maybe pretending tiger blood coursed through his veins wasn't such a good idea, Sheen popped over to the Emmy Awards on Sunday.

Before presenting the lead actor award, Sheen, a four-time Emmy nominee during his run on "Men," sauntered out onto the stage and told everyone at his old show, "From the bottom of my heart, I wish nothing but the best for this upcoming season. We spent eight wonderful years together, and I know you will continue to make great television."

As if this latest version of Charlie Sheen couldn't get any stranger (or warm-and-fuzzier), the actor then tweeted a series of backstage pics with his "Two and a Half Men" replacement, Ashton Kutcher.

"Giving the new kid a little advice!" Sheen tweeted, attempting a bit of elder statesman bonhomie, before adding some straightforward sincerity. "[G]reat talking to you! We'll all be watching! Make us proud!"

The flurry of apologies and normal-guy behavior comes ahead of the Monday-night premieres of Sheen's Comedy Central Roast and the new "Two and a Half Men." On Sunday night at the Emmys, Kutcher shared the stage with his new co-star, Jon Cryer, to whom he confessed, "I am not Charlie Sheen. Jon, I want to tell you something. I do not think that you are a troll."

Perhaps somewhere backstage, if not on Twitter, Sheen was able to apologize to Cryer for that troll comment a few months back. And if it didn't happen on Sunday, it probably will in the future, for the Charlie Sheen rehabilitation tour shows no sign of slowing down, despite the lack of Adonis DNA onboard.

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