Steve Carell's Emmy Expectations Were 'Fairly Low'

'Office' star wasn't expecting to take home the Emmy for his final season as Michael Scott -- and he didn't.

Steve Carell will no longer be playing "The Office" boss Michael Scott, and on Sunday night (September 18), it seemed that he wouldn't be taking home an Emmy for the role either. The six-time nominee for the role lost to "Big Bang Theory" actor Jim Parsons, but he didn't seem to think he had a shot at it before the show even started.

On the red carpet, MTV News caught up with the comedic actor, and he seemed doubtful he'd finally take home an Emmy for his portrayal of the bumbling Michael Scott. "It would be a culmination of all my hopes and dreams," he laughed. "It would be great, but I'm putting my expectations on the fairly low side and just trying to enjoy it and see my friends. I haven't seen my friends from 'The Office' in a while, so that's going to be fun."

Sure, Michael Scott may have moved away to be with his lady love Holly, but would he be willing to stop by for a cameo this season, or ever? "I don't think Michael Scott should come back at all," he said. "I just think it's better if he just moves along. I think the show should become whatever it's going to become without people traipsing back in."

Next up, Carell is working with Spike Jonze on the movie "Frank or Francis," but he stayed pretty tight-lipped. "It is based in the world of Hollywood," Carell said cryptically, before admitting, "It's crazy great."

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