Taylor Lautner Is 'Proud' Of New 'Breaking Dawn' Trailer

While out promoting new flick 'Abduction,' the 'Twilight' star had a chance to admire the latest trailer.

Generally speaking, Friday is the collective favorite day of the week. For "Twilight" fans, however, Tuesday probably took the cake this week, as September 13 marked the debut of the second official trailer for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1." To celebrate the occasion, we picked our top five favorite "Breaking Dawn" trailer moments and then consulted our trusted panel of "Twilight" experts for their esteemed opinions.

Then we did one better: we managed to snag the opinion of Taylor Lautner at the Hollywood premiere of his new action thriller, "Abduction," on Thursday night.

"I definitely saw it. I didn't see the reaction to it, but I've been really busy," he said, sounding slightly apologetic that he hadn't yet been able to scour the Internets for fan responses. "I'm so proud of it. I think the trailer is great. The movie is amazing, and I cannot wait for everyone to see it."

Lautner also told us recently that he's done something very few people can say they have: He's seen "Breaking Dawn - Part 1."

"I've seen it a few times," he said. "I saw it for the first time while we were still filming, so it was a really rough cut, but I've seen several versions since then, and it's getting better and better."

Lautner warned fans to brace themselves for an emotional roller coaster. "You are going to face a lot of emotions, definitely," he teased. "You are going to be angry. I guarantee you [that] you will cry multiple times. There's a good mix. It's definitely different than any of the ones before."

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