Brad Pitt And Jonah Hill: The '21 Jump Street' Connection

Hill adapted the '80s TV series — one of his 'Moneyball' co-star's first acting gigs — for the big screen.

After years of pleading and promising, Jonah Hill has reportedly landed Johnny Depp for a cameo in the big-screen adaptation of the '80s TV series "21 Jump Street."

Hill actually had another connection to a "Jump Street" vet in Brad Pitt, who appeared in one episode as a long-haired high school kid. The actors now star in "Moneyball," a film that had wrapped production a year before cameras began rolling on "21 Jump Street." But Hill never hit up Pitt about joining in the new "21 Jump Street," as MTV News learned at the Toronto International Film Festival.

"I did '21 Jump Street,' " Pitt told his co-star. "It was one of my first jobs."

"Yeah, I know!" Hill responded. "I didn't bring it up with him just because I didn't think he'd want to talk about it that much. You were on '21 Jump Street,' because I had to watch all the episodes before I adapted it. You were fantastic!"

"I don't even know what I did!" Pitt said. "That was the first big gig. You get a gig, man, you get a line! I think [my one line was] yes or no. I don't know what I said."

Hill, meanwhile, is still refusing to confirm reports that Depp will appear in "21 Jump Street," which is set for a March release date. "You'll have to see," he told us earlier this month.

Depp himself is not nearly as circumspect, dishing us the details this past summer. "I went and did my bit as I was hoping to, and it worked out really well. It was really fun," he said. "I got to spend some time with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum and the wonderful directors [Phil Lord and Chris Miller] on that. It was a great experience."

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