'Breaking Dawn' Trailer: A Closer Look

We break down the key scenes in the latest 'Twilight Saga' sneak peek.

Lots of romance, a touch of action and even a vampire/human birthing scene are all included in the latest "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" trailer. After dropping a trailer during June's MTV Movie Awards, the newest teaser fleshes out the moments that fans will salivate over most when the Bill Condon-directed film opens in November.

Check out our five favorite moments in the new "Breaking Dawn" trailer.

Hit play on the embedded video as we walk through some of the key moments in the trailer, then read on for a deeper exploration of what's going on in the "Breaking Dawn" footage.

The Wedding

The trailer opens with the ethereal wedding, as Bella and her father come to terms with her decision to marry her vampire lover, Edward. Dad is reserved but offers his assurance that he'll never let Bella fall, serving as a sort of theme for the trailer: Everyone seems to be resigned to the Edward/Bella marriage.

Jacob's Goodbye

"You think I'd be used to telling you goodbye by now," Jacob says as he embraces his unrequited love. It seems, much like Bella's father, that while Jacob may not be completely onboard, all he wants is for Bella to be happy.

The Honeymoon

Sweeping and romantic, the honeymoon has everything Twilighters have been waiting for, including boat rides, skinny dipping and that already teased bed-breaking love scene. "Last night was the best night of my existence," Edward says — and fans will no doubt agree with that sentiment.

Labor Pains

As shocked as Bella is by her pregnancy, everyone's reactions are just as dramatic. With one warning from her new father-in-law, Carlisle Cullen — "Your heart will give out before you can deliver" — a chain of events is set into motion. Edward worries his bride won't survive, and the wolves warn, "We don't know what they bred. We have to protect the tribe before it's too late."

Special Delivery

With fans clamoring over any footage of the much-discussed labor scene, now they finally get a taste of the pain and turmoil Bella will face as she tries to bring her baby into the world. While it answers that question, it raised another: Just how will "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" end and where will "Part 2" pick up?

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