Amy Lee Says Album Art 'About Evanescence, Not Just Me'

Self-titled album is the first that won't feature the frontwoman on its cover.

If one were to study the covers of [artist id="1233986"]Evanescence[/artist]'s first two albums, they'd quickly notice that, aside from all the dark swirly bits, they share another rather unifying concept: Namely, they both feature frontwoman Amy Lee ... and only frontwoman Amy Lee.

Of course, things are different these days. For the first time, Lee says that Evanescence are really, truly a band, and the songs on their upcoming third album are the end result of countless hours spent hammering out rhythms and melodies together. Which is why they made the decision to call the new album, simply, Evanescence.

For further proof of this point, one only has to glance at the cover of the album, which features nothing more than the band's name (and some of the prerequisite dark and swirlies). And while some fans may be mystified by the simple design, Lee told MTV News that there's definitely a message behind the minimalism.

"Well, both of our other records are me on the cover, and I think it's cool to have that photo, you know, that people can look at and go, 'OK, that's who that is.' But I feel like, by now, they know who we are, and I wanted something really different," she said. "I didn't feel like we had to put a photo on the cover, I wanted it to be more mysterious and more about Evanescence itself, not just me."

And that concept extends beyond Evanescence's cover image. As Lee explained, on the new album, she and her musical mates are exploring every aspect of the band ... starting with the name itself. Because, for the first time, Evanescence is more than just its frontwoman.

"The idea to not have any photos on the outside I thought was really cool," she said. "And all the images and the artwork is a play on the meaning of the word 'Evanescence.' It means 'to dissipate like vapor,' so I decided to go with light and vapor ... it's really about Evanescence, not just me."

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