Brite Futures Go Shopping, Ask Justin Bieber To Prom

Indie band takes MTV News on a post-Bumbershoot vintage-shopping spree in Seattle.

SEATTLE — On a sunny Sunday morning, local band Brite Futures stood outside of the Fremont Vintage Mall, still riding high from playing the main stage at the Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival the previous day. Despite a late night of celebrating, BF graciously invited MTV News to check out one of their favorite hometown haunts.

"We're here at the Fremont Vintage Mall," singer Shaun Libman explained earlier this month. "This is a place with a lot of crazy stuff, and we always find something weird and cool here."

Thus, we went into the kitschy vintage store with three-fifths of the band. As for the other two members, singer/guitarist Luke Smith told us, "One actually has a real job. I shouldn't say that, but he's working at a café right now. And the other is our drummer, and he just floats around and we never really know where he is."

Inside the store, an eclectic blend of choice records, vintage threads and everything in between (like a velvet Elvis painting) is laid out on two levels. The band quickly took to a set of '90s neon Looney Tunes caps, which, if you think about it, perfectly sum up the synth-happy indie-rock band: bright, fun and electric.

Moving on, Libman spotted a faux-snakeskin trench coat. "Everybody has to have one snakeskin jacket in their repertoire," Libman declared. "If anybody can pull that off, Luke Smith can."

Without hesitation, Smith threw on the coat and posed for our camera. Once he found his choice, the other members went on the hunt for their personal picks. After sifting through some records, singer and multi-instrumentalist Claire England saw a totally rad '80s gold gown.

"This is my prom dress," England said.

"Who's your prom date?" Libman asked.

"Justin Bieber," England coyly replied, adding that they would slow dance to one of his songs while he sings it to her.

The band continued on, finding an old prosthetic leg, a bin of black-light posters and a vintage Seattle SuperSonics hat (from their beloved former home team, whose arena they played in the day before).

Spending the morning with the band, it was hard not to be enveloped by their enthusiasm. After all, they've got a new album, Dark Past, dropping November 1. It's BF's first full-length since 2008's Glistening Pleasure, when they were known as Natalie Portman's Shaved Head (a name Natalie Portman apparently wasn't cool with).

With infectious singles like "Baby Rain" and "Too Young to Kill," no doubt you'll be hearing a lot more from this band over the coming months.

But before then, the band had to settle on some purchases at the Fremont Vintage Mall. At the checkout, they decided on one of the Looney Toons hats, the gold '80s prom dress, a vinyl soundtrack from Disney's "The Rescuers," the snakeskin coat, a prosthetic limb and a plastic flamingo — you know, just your average Sunday purchases in Seattle.