Lady Gaga Recalls 'Self-Indulgent' Drug Use In Jean-Paul Gaultier Special

'I don't encourage anyone to follow that path,' Gaga says of partying youth in interview aired on the CW.

Lady Gaga sat down with French fashion pioneer Jean-Paul Gaultier for a special that aired Monday night on the CW. The singer opened up to the fashion designer about her beginnings and what she calls her "self-indulgent" youth.

"I just was partying and being very self-indulgent and trying to find myself. In hindsight, it's so dangerous, and I don't encourage anyone to follow that path," she told the designer.

"I remember my dad ... I was actually doing drugs in my parents' house one day and they didn't know I was in the bathroom. I came out, and my father could tell, and I just remember feeling so embarrassed and I quit instantly."

Despite her hard-partying ways, Gaga always maintained her pop star ambitions. She talked about quitting college, performing in small New York clubs and making the decision to take off her clothes during her performances to get everyone's attention.

"I knew that there was something I loved about the shock-art potential of what I could create," she said. "I like to liberate myself with my ability to change."

She later likened that philosophy to her look: "I still love trash glamour; it's so much of my favorite thing about getting dressed. I love the mixture of things that are really elegant with things that are really trashy."

That combination has made her a superstar. She explained, "My cultural contribution and social contribution was really an honor and I'm still so humbled by it. I hope I can continue to use my voice to make an impact on my generation."