Lady Gaga Describes Her Love For New York On 9/11 Anniversary

Recalling the day she watched the towers fall, Gaga calls NYC 'the husband I never married.'

Lady Gaga is one of the many New Yorkers who were affected personally by the terror attacks on September 11. The pop star was in high school in Manhattan the day it happened, and 10 years later, she still tears up when remembering the intense emotions she felt as she watched the Twin Towers fall.

"I mean, there's so many stories that people don't know," she told MTV during her intimate chat for her special "Inside the Outside," which was taped the day after Osama bin Laden was killed and 9/11 was on everyone's mind. "I watched the towers fall from the roof of my school, holding all my best friends. I don't know ... just, my affinity and my love and the relationship I have with New York City — it's like the husband I never married."

MTV parent company Viacom has teamed up with MyGoodDeed and HandsOn Network, organizers of this year's September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance, and with artists including Lady Gaga, Nas, DJ Pauly D, Julianne Hough and Drake Bell to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the attacks by asking, "What will you do to remember?"

In her documentary interview, Gaga spoke often about her love for her hometown, sharing that she has one very personal way of connecting with the Big Apple. Gesturing the jacket she wore, she said, "Well, this is how I get home; my leather jacket's like my Dorothy slippers. ... That's why I changed when we sat down. You said, 'I want to ask you about New York,' and I said, 'You'd better get my leather.' I wrote so many songs on this new album [Born This Way] about New York City. I mean, every song on all my albums has some relationship to New York City, but one in particular 'Marry the Night,' that record is about my husband, New York."

Through Sunday, Viacom's networks will air specially produced "I Will" public service announcements featuring artists and actors, along with Viacom employees.

The multiplatform public service campaign is designed to inspire Americans to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the attacks by committing to good deeds, charity or volunteer service.

What will you do to remember 9/11? Share your thoughts below, and visit to upload your video response.