Joe Jonas Drops New Single 'Just In Love'

Singer also teases fans with two new clips of the song's video, which premieres Monday.

Joe Jonas got sentimental on his first solo single, "See No More," and now he's getting sexy on his uptempo second single, "Just in Love."

The song hit the Internet on Friday (September 9) and offers another preview of Joe's first-ever solo project, Fast Life, which drops October 11.

"Just in Love" is a Latin-tinged dance track with a thumping beat behind a synthy sound. In the song, Joe professes his love for a girl who may not be clear about his intentions. On the chorus, he sings, "Just running from the truth/ That I'm scared of losing you/ You are worth too much to lose/ Baby, even if you're still confused/ Girl I'm just in love with you."

The song was written by Joe Jonas and James Fauntleroy, with production by Rob Knox. In a message for his fans on Ryan Seacrest's site, he explained why he wrote the track. "I am very excited to premiere my new single 'Just in Love' for you guys. This is a song I wrote when I was going through a relationship with somebody," he explained. "She [was] arguing with me, and all I could do was say, 'Listen, I love you, but we don't need to go through this.' So, this is called 'Just in Love.' "

In addition to relaunching his website for this next phase of his career, the video for "Just in Love" will premiere on Monday, but Joe's already giving fans a taste of what they can expect in the sexy clip, which was directed by Jaci Judelson.

In a first tease of the video, which was shot in Paris, Jonas is hanging out in bed with his lady love, a French model named Angele, as the pair trade pillow talk about him having to leave her.

He followed that tease up with a clip of the two in a car, snuggling and playing a sort of English-to-French word association game. In the newest tease, the pair is seen running down a busy street in Paris.

The video is certainly a more mature one for the singer, and he's said that that was his intention. "I think fans are going to be shocked and excited to see the video," Jonas declared recently.

The solo songs Joe has released so far have been pretty personal, and the singer said he's looking forward to having fans to hear that. "It's exciting, more than nervous," he told us. "I'm really excited because it's been a dream of mine for a while to be able to present people with this music that I've loved for so long and to kind of show them almost what I like to listen to, what I like to play, and just hopefully they'll love it."