Cobra Starship Call Fueled By Ramen 'An Alt-Family'

Label will mark 15th anniversary with a pair of shows at New York's Terminal 5 this week, including one live-streamed on tonight.

[artist id="2402281"]Cobra Starship[/artist] joined forces with Fueled by Ramen in 2006, with the release of their debut disc While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets. Since then, they've fashioned a rather fascinating career as FBR outsiders, the kind of band not averse to the occasional beard-heavy skit or "Gossip Girl"-enhanced hit.

But on Friday, they'll make nice with their FBR mates as part of the label's 15th anniversary showcase at New York's Terminal 5 (tonight's show, featuring Paramore, will stream live on beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET). But that doesn't mean they still don't feel a little weird about doing it.

"I know nothing else to compare it to, but, yeah, it doesn't feel like the way I thought a label would be like," guitarist Ryland Blackinton told MTV News. "It's like an alt-family; like, we have lesbian moms ... I just watched 'The Birdcage,' and it's like that. We're like the straight son in 'The Birdcage.' "

Though they may joke about feeling out of place on Fueled by Ramen, the Cobras are dead serious when they say there's no other label they'd rather call home. After all, FBR has supported them every step of their careers, and, in a lot of ways, grown with them — from "Snakes on a Plane" to their just-released Night Shades album and current hit "You Make Me Feel ... ."

Of course, as is the case with everything Cobra Starship, the term "dead serious" is relative.

"My image of a label was, like, big corporate guys in suits, cold," bassist Alex Suarez laughed. "Like the Death Star, but with offices."

"It's not like that though," Blackinton added. "It's more like down on Tatooine, by Jabba's lair. A little homier, some peat on the fireplace. You know, comfortable. It's nice."

Help MTV celebrate Fueled by Ramen's 15th anniversary tonight as we present a live party featuring some of your favorite FBR acts, including Paramore. Check out at 6:30 p.m. ET to catch all the action!