Matt And Kim Amped To Open Blink-182, My Chemical Romance Tour

'Our energy is in the same place,' Matt tells MTV News of his headlining tourmates on Honda Civic dates.

Matt and Kim have been recording material at the brand-new Converse Rubber Tracks recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. MTV News went there to catch up with the indie/pop duo, and while they mostly kept quiet about any new songs, they did talk to us about their recent Sidewalks Tour as well as their new opening-act gig on the Honda Civic Tour with Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance.

The animated Brooklyn-based musicians couldn't seem to contain their excitement about joining Blink and MCR.

"This year has been just a nonstop year," Matt gushed.

"We didn't want to stop!" Kim said of their headlining Sidewalks Tour. "We wanted to add more dates, we wanted to keep going."

Matt and Kim will begin touring with Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance this month, and they plan to bring it, knowing that some fans at the venues may not be familiar with their music yet. "At our shows, it's not just like one type of audience member," Matt explained of the kinds of crowds they're used to seeing. "It's people who are into all different kinds of music."

As for playing in front of the fanbases of two different bands on the tour, Matt and Kim aren't fretting.

"Even though musically we might sound a bit different than those two bands, our energy is in the same place," Matt said, referring to the three groups' shared love of stage-diving, crowd-surfing and moshing.

"There's a big difference between playing for, you know, 3,000 people at our show to playing to a 20,000-person place, where people might not know any of your songs," Matt admitted with a smile. "But I feel we play a simple enough music, so upbeat and melody-driven, that on a first listen, people can almost be singing along to the songs by the end."

Fans can catch Matt and Kim on the Honda Civic Tour with Blink-182 and My Chemical Romance beginning September 7 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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