Drake Compares Rick Ross' Next LP To B.I.G., Snoop

Drake and Rick Ross play up each other's upcoming albums.

LOS ANGELES — Trying to determine something as subjective as what constitutes a hip-hop classic is an impossible task, but there are a few albums that are widely recognized crown-holders. Among them are the [artist id="13432"]Notorious B.I.G.[/artist]'s Ready to Die and [artist id="1133"]Snoop Dogg[/artist]'s Doggystyle, and it is in this same regard that [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] holds [artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist]' upcoming fifth album.

"This guy right here," Drake said motioning to Ross as the two sat at Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV release party Sunday, "That God Forgives I Don't; the only way I can describe it is like Doggystyle or Ready to Die or Clipse Lord Willin' or any of the albums that I collected and held on to as a kid — whether it was cassette or CD."

Drake's measure may not be an objective one, but it isn't farfetched, considering that many have credited Ross with improving as an artist with each album he puts out. As of now, the album is still being recorded and only a select few have been able to hear it.

DJ Khaled also sang Rozay's praises when MTV News interviewed him back in July. "God Forgives I Don't is a classic-in-the-making. Let me tell you something right now: This album is so crazy from the beginning of what I've been in the studio hearing already," he said. "I can't give you too much because I'm going to let him do that, because that's his project, but I could tell you right now it's classic and he is talking that talk."

The Bawse isn't the only one with an album dropping soon. On October 24, Drake plans to release his sophomore LP, but the Bawse has already gotten a sneak peek. "I feel extremely grateful to hear a bulk of Take Care. Just to hear this man's tone of voice and the sh-- that he's saying is just so visual," Ross said. "And if you're a true Drake fan — if you love his first album, this one right here, this sh-- is uncut."